I offer meditation classes, life coaching and yoga classes in Scarborough. My yoga classes are based in the traditional hatha style with a focus on creating strength, flexibility and balance in both mind and body from the inside out. I always offer variations for people at different levels of fitness and flexibility. I also offer a 9 month transformational yoga, meditation and life coaching programme called Rise. Private yoga classes in Scarborough, and online yoga classes. If you really want to go deep, and get results fast, nothing works better than private yoga sessions. Together we will create a bespoke home yoga and meditation practice that suits your needs. I can come to your home, or your office, or we can use a studio in Scarborough. Prices from £40 for one to one yoga classes in Scarborough, and from £35 for personal online yoga classes. Button: BOOK A CALL TO TALK YOGA CLASSES Transformative life coaching in Scarborough, online coaching or phone coaching. Maybe you want to tackle a specific issue like a challenging relationship or a job you hate, or maybe you have a more general “meh” feeling about life and just know there must be more than this but don’t know what to do about it. Whatever your current situation, I will work with you from the inside out, helping you to shift your perceptions and any inner roadblocks to live a more empowered, present, happy and purposeful life. Prices from £95 for one to one life coaching in Scarborough, and from £95 for phone and online life coaching. Button: BOOK A CALL TO TALK LIFE COACHING Rise with Purya Yoga This is a 9 month coaching, meditation and yoga programme designed to help you live life as one big, exciting adventure and experience the future of your dreams. Months 1/2 Preparing the soil Getting clear about the future you want to create, defining who you want to be in the world, and the changes you need to make, to live a happy, purposeful life. Months 3/4 Planting the seeds and putting down roots Clearing away any old habits and patterns that may no longer serve and nourishing the physical and emotional foundations you need to stand stable and strong. Months 5/6 Connecting with your core Practices for a strong and connected sense of self – knowing absolutely who you are. Months 7/8 Standing strong and embracing the natural ebb and flow of life Connecting with your inner resilience and power. Using your roots to grow. Learning how to embrace fear and flow with the rhythm of life. Month 9 Becoming your purpose and passing it on - Learning to live from the inside out. Understanding how to be with others in stillness, gratitude and appreciation. Includes practical tools to support you in living your purpose when the official course work is complete. There are two ways of working with me: In a small group of eight 2 x 2 hour group life coaching sessions per month 2 x 2 hour group yoga classes per month Homework £100 per month One to one 2 x 1 hour life coaching sessions per month 2 x 1 hour private yoga per month Free access to my ongoing public yoga classes Homework £250 per month Button: BOOK A CALL TO TALK RISE WITH PURYA YOGA Ascension Meditation. I teach Ascension Meditation weekend courses in Scarborough. Learn the ancient art of Ascension Meditation as taught by the Ishaya monks. In this weekend course you will learn four life-changing tools based in Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. The techniques serve to dissolve stress and change your relationship with the mind and emotions so that you can experience greater freedom, happiness, focus, creativity, purpose and self-acceptance. Button: BOOK A CALL TO TALK ASCENSION MEDITATION